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As well as being Beauty Aesthetics Specialists, we are also are dedicated Body Beauty Therapists ready to look after all your Beauty needs from Eyelashing, Waxing and Facials to Hand, Brow, Hair Treatment, Nail and Foot care services to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

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Decorate very good eyebrow model creaming with an appropriate eyelash is key measure, can make whole person looks relaxed and bright, need not exceeding makes up to have the effect very much.


We believe in lovely nail.

Your nails are a way to speak your style without having to say a word.

Hairspa Naturica

We have Hairspa Naturica 7 Steps Detoxs method that could bring your hair look fresh and beautiful.

More Services


Henna Brows is one of such treatments which is shown to be a great natural alternative for anyone with sensitive skin.


We offer great skin treatments for different kinds of skin so you start feeling better with every sitting.

Hair Coloring

At a very simplified level, hair coloring is all about finding the right amount of color to add or subtract from your current hair tint.


Wish to experiment with a new look? Fear not. We are here to guide and help you with a makeover.

Hair Cut

We provide many styles of hair cut for male and female, with experienced top stylist.

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Selove Beauty & Beyond adalah salon kecantikan yang terletak di Jl. Rawadomba No. 17, Duren Sawit, jakarta Timur. Sebelumnya salon ini bernama Belle yang berlokasi di Rawamangun, Jakarta Timur. Sejak 2020, kami pindah di jl. Rawadomba sekaligus berganti nama menjadi Selove Beauty yang menjadi satu-satunya salon eyelash certified di Jakarta Timur. Selain Selove Beauty, terdapat juga Klangen Coffee yang menjadi bagian dari PT Berkat Hadir Mandiri yang bidang usahanya memang mengkolaborasikan antara Salon dan kafe.

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